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⁠ Stop Talking and Breathe: How‍‍‍ To Be Your Best in Any Conversation

Reba Herder’s e-book, Stop Talking and Breathe, is a pocketful of wisdom for world-changing professionals.  From the conference table to the kitchen table, you’re smart, creative, and making a difference to the people around you. So it’s exasperating to be blindsided by sticky situations.‍‍‍

Explore nine Enneagram personality types in conversation so that you can see what is working for you, what isn’t, and what you can do differently.

Discover The Nine Arts of Healthy Conversation to help you think about what you are saying, how you are communicating, and how others may respond to your words and tone.

Encounter the Enneagram as a pattern that can help you observe, organize, and learn from the complex dynamics of conversation.  

Learn why conversations can hurt, and how they can heal.  

Unlock your ability to live an unlimited life. Stop Talking and Breathe will help you create better conversation that will give you better choices, and better results.

Front cover of Reba Herder's book, Stop Talking and Breathe

E-Book  $10.00‍‍‍

  • “I dread our next meeting.”

  • “I can’t deal with this now.”

  • “What’s wrong with them?”

  • “Everything’s fine.” (You know it isn’t.)

If you can breathe, you can turn conversation catastrophes into great opportunities for growth.  

Have you ever said:

This book offers powerful, practical tools for change.

Education for Better Choices, Better Results

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