The best place to start learning about The Nine Arts of Healthy Conversation™‍‍‍ is in the Introduction and chapter 1 of Stop Talking and Breathe: How To Be Your Best in Any Conversation

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You’re a successful professional who’s struggling with pushback. You’ve started to dread presenting new proposals because of the criticism you know you’ll get. It’s hard enough work to develop good solutions. You don’t know how you can keep finding the energy to also sooth fears and overcome resistance.

⁠  ⁠⁠C‍‍‍onversation Strategies Can Help You When...

There are a lot of creative leaders out there helping others feel, think, and act differently. If you are one of them, I’d love to meet you. We each need to find our own path and trust our own wisdom. We don’t need to do it alone.

You're a respected therapist who doesn’t always feel comfortable outside of the office. Visiting your siblings can be a minefield. It triggers patterns that are hard to change. You try to relax and have fun but you can’t ignore hurtful undercurrents. You wish it were easier to follow your own best advice.

  • Administrators including managers, soloprenuers, artists, musicians, and storytellers

  • Families including parents, LGBT community members, college students, adult children, and couples

  • Clergy including mediators, spiritual directors, and peacemakers

  • Counselors including teachers and healthcare professionals

⁠⁠⁠I've Worked with These Types of Leaders:

  • Authenticity: practicing honest self awareness, creative expression, and personal growth

  • Respect: learning from diversity, conflict, and conversation and being generous with abundance

  • Taking initiative to make connections, explore possibilities, and find win/win solutions

⁠⁠⁠Conversation Strategies Work Best for Clients Who Value:

Healthy conversation isn’t easy. We all eat and we all speak, but that doesn’t mean that everything that goes into your mouth is healthy and everything that comes out of your mouth is healthy. Healthy conversation is a safe space to be your full self—heart, mind, and body. Unhealthy conversation gives you a reason to hide part of yourself.

The easiest way to start a healthy conversation is to speak up for yourself, without putting others down. The easiest way to transform an unhealthy conversation is to stop talking, and breathe. The rest is a bit more complicated.

Conversation strategies teach you an integrated process that you can rely on to build resiliency and satisfy your heart in three key ways.

Understanding the big picture – The Nine Arts of Healthy Conversation™ synthesize the principles of conflict resolution with communication skills and personality styles. They illustrate the complex dynamics of relationships: heart, mind, and body, self, others, and humanity so that you can see where each situation fits in the big picture and then create a one-of-a-kind solution.

Targeting your specific issue – You can use the arts to see what is and isn’t working in your particular situation. By accurately diagnosing the problem you can design an effective cure. You can plan your next steps by maximizing your strengths, developing your weakness, learning new skills, and asking for help.

Getting support for the process – Learning the nine arts prepares you to respond to concerns with authenticity and respect, but it’s hard to do it alone. So we provide practical help for your everyday concerns.

At the heart of it all is trust, trusting yourself enough to access your inner wisdom, discovering wh‍‍‍at you can and cannot trust in others, and building the resilience you need to humbly trust the adventure of being alive!

⁠⁠⁠What Makes Conversation Strategies Unique?

  • We offer regular words of encouragement through Everylight’s Facebook page and Conversation Strategies’ newsletter.

  • Stop Talking and Breathe: How To Be Your Best in Any Conversation is a pocketful of wisdom that you can refer back to.

  • Courses and private coaching can teach you how the material applies to you.

  • Programs for businesses and non-profits can help you create climates of healthy conversations at work.

I’ve worked with individuals, small groups, and on collaborative projects serving conferences with over 2,500 participants so if you want to make a change at ‍‍‍work or at home I’ve probably worked with a similar concern.

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You’re a wonderful faith leader caught in the middle of too many conflicts. Your parishioners quote scriptures to judge others. They argue about mundane details and tell you their deepest secrets. You want to make sure everyone feels safe. It’s hard to dig through the mess to find the strength you need to speak wisely.

You’re a really good parent who’s overwhelmed by the ups and downs of raising your child. One moment everything's great; the next you hear, “I hate you!” Those parenting books work fine on good days, but other days you wonder how you can survive until graduation.

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