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A Prayer for Glo‍‍‍bal Cooperation

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Tired of Carrying the World on Your Sho‍‍‍ulders?

About Reb‍‍‍a's Spirituality

We are bound by our common humanity. May we unite in a spirit of cooperation.

May we be guided by compassion and inspired by silence.

May our differences strengthen us and our playfulness energize us.

May our wisdom transform us so that our generosity can fill up the world with the light of joy.

And together, We can celebrate a new dawn for all creation. In a spirit of wonder, we pray, May it be so.

I’m a practical mystic. If it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter!  

Vitality, respect and mystery matter. We don’t know what the future holds. We need an attitude of curiosity so that we can make wise choices in the midst of uncertainty.  Vitality is your strength and wisdom. Respect is looking for the strength and wisdom in others. The greatest contribution you can make to any person, group, or job is your vitality and respect.

  • ‍‍‍I believe that worship is looking for the miracle and the mystery in each person and in every moment.  
  • I believe that prayer is listening to and magnifying the still small voice within us and within our world.
  • I believe that the two great commandments of Jesus, to love God with your heart soul and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself, would create a world of encouragement if we followed them.

It breaks my heart to see the damage that toxic conversations cause.  I believe humanity is capable of so much more. I’m passionate about working together to create cultures of healthy conversations that encourage each of us to thrive at home, at work, and in our world.

Transforming our world is a heroic task. People tell you not to care so much or do so much, but your heart demands action. It can be overwhelming.

You offer a creative solution, but your community doesn’t want to change. You focus on your circle of influence, but you can’t ignore the violence and ignorance around the globe. You look for a place to belong, but they don’t want your gifts.

Compassion starts to feel more like competition than collaboration!

You can change that. Prayer and wisdom can help you connect to others without draining your energy. You don’t have to choose between authenticity and belonging. The world needs your vitality and respect. You can count on Everylight’s encouragement!

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Conversation Strategies has a spirituality page because it grew out of Reba’s faith experience. You don’t need to talk about spirituality to master the Nine Arts of Healthy Conversation™. This page is here for you if you want to learn more about the source of Conversation Strategies, or get spiritual support for your growing edge.

Everylight, a bold vision of global cooperation, was formed in 2002 with the idea that we could talk to each other instead of killing each other. We didn’t know how toxic some conversations could be. We discovered why conversations can hurt, and how they can help. We discovered the power healthy conversations have to heal, energize, and inspire. Everylight was a non-profit ministry. Now it’s Conversation Strategies’ spirituality program promoting a world of encouragement for each of us and all of us.

We continue to work to develop a cultural context for healthy conversations so that we can discover the tipping point of global cooperation; the moment of critical mass that makes helping more rewarding than hurting. Who are the people and what are the circumstances we need to reward generosity and minimize sabotage? We suspect that just 10% more kindness and 10% less cruelty could move us from a people described by violence and aggression to a people known for our playfulness and generosity.

For the first time in history, humanity has the skills, the resources, and the experience needed to unleash our capacity for greatness. Now we can put it all together and support each other in the process. Everylight is based on one belief. We do not need to approve of one another in order to cooperate, but we must be able to cooperate in order to survive and thrive.

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